Monday, September 28, 2015

The Armchair Astronomer: Stunning Images and a Wealth of Detail

Book Recommendation: The Armchair Astronomer - Vol 1 (Nebulae)

Interested in astronomy? Like gorgeous images of beautiful objects from the cosmos? Then take a look at The Armchair Astronomer - Volume 1 (Nebulae) by Brian Ventrudo and Terry Hancock.

Terry Hancock is a renowned astrophotographer who regularly posts his stunning images on our local astronomy Facebook page of astronomical objects like nebulae, planets, and galaxies. His photos are crisp and colorful and show the amazing beauty of the universe in which we live. This first volume features his images of nebulae.

His partner in publishing is Brian Ventrudo, a professional astronomer who has mastered a career in writing and teaching about astronomy. So while you'll enjoy Terry Hancock's superb astrophotography, you will also benefit from Brian Ventrudo's vast knowledge about the incredible objects in our skies. See them and learn about them!

The Armchair Astronomer is available in ebook format. Learn more about the book, its topics, and where to download a copy at a great introductory price at Cosmic Pursuits (Ventrudo's website). Includes a couple of sample pages.

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