Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Author Christoper Moore News II

Author Christopher Moore Returns to the Stage
By Alan Eggleston, writer and editor, business book seller, leisure book seller

In an e-mail to fans, humorist author Christopher Moore announced Wednesday, June 29, that he would be returning to the stage to do another live reading. 

Said Moore, "By popular demand, I'm doing another dramatic reading of Fool with my commentary in San Francisco on July 24th.

"I’ll be on stage at the Brava Theater in San Francisco with a group of actors from the American Conservatory Theater, there will be readings from Fool, King Lear, I’ll tell stories and lies, take questions, and sign books.

"All proceeds benefit LitQuake, San Francisco." (LitQuake is San Francisco's literary festival.)

Tickets through

Moore closed with this encouraging suggestion:
"There are no shows planned for other cities right now, so please to write to ask. I could happen, but I have a book to finish."

Not a paid endorsement, not a paid review.

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Prepare by reading Fool, if you haven't already
(commission may be paid for purchase)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Saying No to Mildew

Mildew: remove it before it spreads
by Alan Eggleston, writer, editor, bookseller

If you clean out the garage or basement and run into forgotten books, look them over for mildew and other forms of fungi. Fungi like warm, moist climates and will continue to grow unless removed. And if you move contaminated books in with clean books, the fungi won't hesitate to move to the new food source (books = paper = organic matter = food) and multiply there under the right conditions.

According to, you can battle mildew in a couple of different ways. One is to remove the books from the environment -- a cool, dry place is best. Books like a humidity level of 60% or less best. If the room is warm, turn on an air conditioner. If it's damp, turn on a dehumidifier. Another is to apply a dry cleaning pad to the affected area. If the mildew is just beginning, you can also try using a hair blower set on low.

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