Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My Recent Absence

Dear readers:
My sincerest apologies for not posting in a very long time. I have been on a forced hiatus after a complex and serious surgery and a lengthy recovery. In my defense, I did try to write a couple of reviews after a while, but they just weren't up to quality and I didn't post them. Please accept my apologies as I look forward to the day I may be able to return to this review platform. I hope you have seen some good films and read some enjoyable books.

About a month after my surgery I finally had the wherewithal to finally read. An author had sent me a book to review, but it arrived the day I was to leave for the hospital and it lay dormant for that whole month but not off my mind. So as soon as I could work up the energy and the frame of mind, I opened the covers of the new book and soaked in its well-written words, deep characters, and well-framed plot. Normally I would whip through such a book in a day or two but this took me three or four, but only because I was still not fully myself. It felt wonderful to read and stimulate my mind again.

I have also since watch a dozen movies. We had already worked through most of the Oscar nods, but not all of them so we had a few surprises left. And there a few non-Oscar surprises awaiting us as well.

After all this, I really wanted to share with you my reactions to this book and these films. I wish I had been able to do so. Perhaps soon. Since I made the attempt on two of them, I may still go back to the reviews and try to salvage them for you.

It's been an interesting five months of my life. I thank the University of Michigan health care system, which took such good care of me during my surgery and my after care. I have my final post-surgical exam this next week - yay! I'll be glad when it's all finally over and I can carry on as before.

See you soon.