Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fake Fruit Factory: Well Written Humor

Book Recommendation: Fake Fruit Factory by Patrick Wensink

I have to admit right off the bat that I haven't finished the book - I tried, but the publisher sent me a pdf file of the book (instead of a paper version) and my ebook reader made it so difficult to read, I couldn't finish it. But I am prepared to say that of what I did finish, the characters were interesting, the setting was fascinating, and the plot was engaging - it's well written.

That said, I haven't read enough to do an honest review.

I follow Patrick on Facebook and he's funny and fun and a great writer. I like an author who is willing to engage his fans online, and Patrick is that and more. And the proof of his writing ability comes out in his social media postings. So I feel safe in recommending him.

But so you have a chance to learn more about the book before making a purchase, here's an excellent article in Lit Reactor discussing this new book, just released: "A Conversation with Patrick Wensick About His New Novel, 'Fake Fruit Factory'.

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