Monday, January 11, 2010

When Will There Be Good News? in Paperback Week of January 11

Book Review: Kate Atkinson's Third Jackson Brodie Novel
By Kate Eggleston, avid reader

Coming soon to a comfy chair near you? The third in a series of highly acclaimed novels featuring private investigator Jackson Brodie, When Will There Be good News?, by Kate Atkinson, is available at book stores this week. 

This was my first reading of a Kate Atkinson novel. It follows her two national bestsellers, Case Histories and One Good Turn. Unfortunately, I wonder if it will follow popular suit when it hits the bookshelves.

Available January 11 in trade paper (larger paperback), When Will There Be Good News? begins with a scene that shocks and takes your breath away with its violence, yet loses steam as it takes its sweet time picking up momentum afterward. If you are patient, you are rewarded with a more satisfying second half, wherein the pace picks up with a more suspenseful read and a surprising end.

I wish this were a better crafted novel, because then I would be tempted to read Atkinson's other two Jackson Brodie novels. However, it took an honest effort to work my way through this book, with its over development of a minor character (Reggie) at the expense of more important characters, and its frequently distracting parenthetical comments. 

I am a big fan of mysteries and thrillers. I was really looking forward to picking up this book, but not finally setting it down. I hope you find it more satisfying.

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