Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome Kate Eggleston to Our Book Reviews

Book Reviews: Meet My Book Mate 
By Alan Eggleston

As a writer, I'd rather spend my writing time earning an income. As a reader, I'd rather spend it writing book reviews. Unfortunately, the former wins out and I don't get much time to read or review. However, my wife Kate is able to fit in far more books into her schedule than I. So, why not let you benefit from her voracious reading habit.

Thus, I introduce you to Kate Eggleston, avid reader. It's taken me a while to talk her into penning her impressions of the books she reads, but I hope she will do more of it. She's smart, creative, and she reads a lot of different kinds of books. Mysteries, histories, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, romance, biographies, and on and on.

With that, I invite her to take it away. Her first review will be a mystery. Enjoy!

Kate doesn't Twitter yet, but maybe if you invite her here, she will!

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