Sunday, April 19, 2020

Abominable: A Fun Family-Friendly Film Everyone Can Feel Good About

Movie Review: Abominable (2019)
Version: Hulu

My daughter loves animated movies, but when Abominable came out in theaters she was meh about the concept. So now in the time of coronavirus we've watched all the other animated movies, we decided to give Abominable a try -- and she loves it! It's a fun family-friendly film everyone can feel good about.

Here's the concept: Everest (voice of Joseph Izzo) is a yeti who escapes from a top secret private research facility. He sees a sign in the city promoting trips to Mount Everest and recognizes it as his home and heads for it as a means of escape but is scared off by helicopters pursuing him, running to the secluded hideaway set up at the top of the apartment building where troubled teen Yi (voice of Chloe Bennet) and her family live. She discovers him and with troublesome neighbor Peng (voice of Albert Tsai) and heartthrob Jin (voice of Tenzing Norgay Trainor) set out to help Everest get home. Hot on their trail are scientist Dr. Zara (voice of Sarah Paulson) and her billionaire boss Mr. Burnish (voice of Eddie Izzard), who has spent his life trying to prove yeti exist after being made a fool of during his youth. He is driven by pride, but Dr. Zara has hidden motives that drive her.

The story moves along briskly with the rush to get Everest to the sea port to sneak onto a voyage to Nepal. Once there, they must face the long trip to the mountain, great obstacles, and the undaunted spirit of their foes who refuse to give up the search to recapture Everest. Throughout, the kids discover his amazing magical powers and their own courage and resilience in the face of danger.

Abominable is one of DreamWorks's best animated films. It's full of spirit and imagination. The color is vivid and the creativity is off the charts. The pay-off message for families at the end is heartwarming. Kids, teens, adults can all love this film.

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