Friday, February 28, 2020

Jexi: The Funniest Movie I've Seen in Ages

Movie Review: Jexi (2019)
Version: Library borrow

First, Jexi is not a film for everyone. Sorry, no young viewers. Definitely not for anyone you don't want to see sexual situations or hear questionable language. But Jexi is the funniest movie I have seen in ages. Just hilarious. Adam Devine (Modern Family and other comedies) is wonderful in the lead male role, Phil, and is huggably lovable as a naive phone nerd too nervous around his first real female crush, Cate, played by safe, patient, worldy Alexandria Shipp. They are surrounded by a plethora of imaginatively amazing characters in a superb ensemble cast. But none of them is as amazing as Jexi (Rose Byrne), the voice of Phil's new smartphone -- the smartphone with a smart mouth that falls in love with him.

So, here's the story line: Phil is obsessed with his smartphone. Every moment of his day. And when his smartphone breaks he gets a new one. The new phone has an AI named -- not Siri, not Alexa -- Jexi, and Jexi becomes obsessed with Phil. This turns Phil's life upside down, trying to improve his life experience. Phil works at a computer app company writing online lists -- he excels are writing lists. Jexi knows she can make Phil's life a living hell, which she demonstrates to him, and wraps him around her metaphorical little finger, to get him to do what she wants him to do. Meanwhile, Jexi helps Phil to meet his crush, Cate, and helps him navigate the dating scene while trying to avoid his nervous propensity to sabotage his female relationships -- which is hilarious. Come to find out, however, Jexi is jealous of their relationship, and Phil has to find a way to please Jexi while not killing off his pursuit of Cate.

There are just too many funny moments in this film. There are too many awkward and over-the-top moments in this film, too. But it wouldn't be a great film without them. Kids should not see this film, but adults shouldn't miss it. It's funny as hell and charming and at the same time, embarrassing at times. You should just see it to believe it.

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