Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Emoji Movie: Great Family Entertainment for This New Years

Movie Review: The Emoji Movie (2017)
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If you're looking for a fun movie to share with the kids this New Years (or new year), consider The Emoji Movie. I wouldn't rate it up there with Inside Out, but it shares some of the colors and emotional tugs of that film, and The Emoji Movie has tons more interesting characters for kids to laugh about and with. Just think about all the amazing emojis you, and possibly they, encounter on social media and in other modern day situations -- they're there as fun characters in this animated film.

The basis of the story is a multi-expression emoji named Gene who's too timid to express himself when chosen by timid coming-of-age teen Alex to communicate with a girl he desperately wants to hang out with. When Gene accidentally shows the wrong expression, it releases a chain of unfortunate consequences for Gene and the seemingly unlimited universe of other emojis who inhabit Alex's smartphone, and thus Alex decides to take his phone in to wipe it clean. Then it becomes a race against time for Gene and his best friend, Hi-5, to get to the Cloud, where they will be safe. Getting in their way are a series of other characters intent on eliminating Gene, who they see as the reason imminent demise. Coming to Gene and Hi-5's rescue is Jailbreak, a princess turned hacker who just wants to be free to be herself.

The film features a great cast, including T.J. Miller as the voice of Gene, James Cordon as Hi-5, and Anna Faris as Jailbreak. There are some amazing cameo voices as well. Most hilarious for me is Patrick Stewart as Poop -- his credits list him as "Sir" Patrick Stewart, which makes me wonder if he insisted on the honorific in exchange for playing such a -- pardon the pun and language -- "crappy" part. Rachel Ray is the voice of Spam!

The design and animation are colorful and entertaining, as well. There's something fun for every age, a joke that everyone in the family can enjoy. I suppose this will hit closest to home for young and older teens, but younger kids will love the wild and crazy characters just as easily. Adults will find plenty to giggle at, too.

As I said, this doesn't rise to the quality of Disney's Inside Out, with its serious themes and its cuddly creations. But The Emoji Movie is still fun to watch. And it will entertain the whole family on a cold winter evening as 2017 turns into 2018 or even after.

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