Monday, May 29, 2017

New Article on How to Write a Good Book Review

Just read a book and you would like to share your thoughts on it? Dudley Court Press has just published an article I guest authored on how to write a good book review.

During a discussion with Gail Woodard, the publisher at Dudley Court, it came to light that their readers have asked for tips on how to share their love of the books on review pages like you find on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, and other book-centric sites. Since I write both book and film reviews, I offered to write an article.

Most readers love to share their thoughts on the books they read. Some feel shy about doing so if they aren't professional writers, but they don't need to fear their inexperience, as I share tips both newcomers and experienced writers can use to write useful, well thought out reviews. If you would like to write reviews but have feared wading into that pool for some reason, or if you write them but would like ideas on how to improve them, please take a look at the article. Let me know what you think.

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