Sunday, August 16, 2015

One Book You've Read More Than Once

Book Questions*: One Book You've Read More Than Once

I've never been one to re-read books much. I keep a collection of books that I most love from having read them, and a few of them I have re-read.

  • Certain Sherlock Holmes books and the Holmes doppelganger Solar Pons, for instance. 
  • A book or two that I had a hard time getting through the first time or few, like Isaac Asimov's Foundation.
  • Some science fiction by Larry Niven before I outgrew him.

But the books that I can earnestly say that I have re-read several times because they are beautiful and imaginative and soulful and breathtaking are the books by J.R.R. Tolkein, in particular, The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I've re-read The Hobbit a couple of times, but I don't find it as thrilling as The Lord of the Rings, even though it was the precursor and the build up to The Lord of the Rings.

The late actor Christopher Lee, who played the white sorcerer Sauroman in the Peter Jackson film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, re-read the trilogy yearly.

There are books that I am considering re-reading one day soon. I have a hard time re-reading because I don't like to revisit territory I have already covered, unless they are considerably well written. These are what I am thinking of devoting my fall and winter to re-reading this year:
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Life of Pi
  • Thomas Kydd series (all 16 books!)
  • Horatio Hornblower series (all 11 books!}
But then, I also want to leave some room in my free time for new books.

*Inspired by "Ten Questions About Books."

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Dave Robison said...

Very glad you listed the inspiration for this post, I have bookmarked it (virtually, without a paperclip)for my own version of this post. Thanks for the inspiration.

Booksville Bookclub said...

Hi Dave. Thanks for commenting - glad you like the attribution. I look forward to seeing how you use it. And thank you for not paper clipping it!