Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Alexander Dumas' Lost "The Last Cavalier" Coming in October

If you’re an Alexander Dumas fan revel in the news. A lost work rediscovered and published in France in 2005 is coming to the United States in October, according to Publishers Weekly (PW). According to PW, “The Last Cavalier was found at the National Library in Paris two years ago by longtime Dumas scholar Claude Schopp.” PW further said, “The novel, which he said is very much in the vein of classic Dumas—it’s a revenge story set during the Napoleonic era.” The initial first printing by publisher Pegasus Books is set at 10,000. 752 pages.

Amazon.com lists The Last Cavalier as available September 12, 2007, but you can pre-order now. The description is quite exciting.

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