Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Miss You Already: It Takes Itself Seriously and Makes You Smile at the Same Time

Movie Review: Miss You Already (2015)
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We watched Miss You Already as a family, my wife, my daughter, and I. It certainly had a lot of women's issues front and center: breast cancer, pregnancy, unsupportive husbands. But as I got to watching it, I realized it went well beyond that. This was about the bonds of friendship, the challenges of family, the responsibilities of marriage -- from both sides of the relationship, and the freedom to make choices. Everyone can relate to these issues.

Toni Collette is a strong lead in the role as Milly, a wild and crazy lover of life with all the responsibilities of a job and a family. Drew Barrymore is a strong second lead in the role as Jess, Milly's best friend since childhood, who has struggled to become pregnant with her husband. She shines less in the limelight but is no less important as a character, a tag-along in Milly's wild ride through life. Especially when Milly learns she has breast cancer. It's Jess who is there at her side through chemotherapy. And then when Milly goes through a mastectomy, it's Jess who's there for her. And when Jess finally becomes pregnant, she sets aside her good news to help Milly through more bad news. Milly seems to grab all the attention until the very end, when she finally comes to Jess's aid. The husbands and children? They're there to add conflict.

The supporting cast is pretty good, too. But who make this movie are Barrymore and Collette shining brightly on the screen. Many parts are just downright funny, despite the serious subject matter, owning to the fine script and contagious grins and laughter of the lead actresses. It's a film that both takes itself seriously and makes you smile at the same time. And who can't enjoy a film like that?

Guys, sit down and watch Miss You Already with your favorite ladies. Ladies, invite your guys over to watch it with you. It will be time worth spending together.

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