Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Beverage for All Seasons

A Glass of Wine, a Good Book, and Thee...
By Alan Eggleston, bookseller and wine seller?

We are quickly moving from the hot tea, coffee, or cocoa and a good book season into the iced tea, coffee, or soft drink season. The combination that bridges all seasons is a good book and a savory glass of wine. After a long day at the office or behind the counter, nothing relaxes like a well chosen glass of wine, and nothing takes us away from the cares of the world like an adventure into the other world of the book.

Some Suggestions
Set back on your lounger with your romance novel and a glass of Rose and a chocolate.

Cava Rose Duo with Godiva 8-piece Chocolates - Wine Collection Gift

Follow the clues in your mystery novel with a variety of snacks and a delicious Pinto Gris from Oregon.

Harry & David Party Pack - Gourmet Gift Basket

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